Soarian’s Guide for AIM Physicians 2012

Soarian is a scheduling program was rolled out in AIM in 2009, it’s a work in progress.


1.       Background-Soarian is available on the web, you can get to it by the clinic website-  At home you will need to activate your citrax program to gain ITA access. The first time you log in you should use “siemens” as the password, a prompt box will then direct you to personalize your password.


2.       Viewing your schedule – Soarian’s weird lingo designates providers as “resources”. The best way to display your own schedule is to use top “RESOURCE Appt “ tab or the “1-day Resource” tab. Search for your schedule by inputting your last name into the “RESOURCE” box and hitting the back arrow This will bring you up a list of options and click on your own name, then “OK” to display your schedule. When looking through the “1-day resource” tab you can jump to your next clinic by clicking You can look at advance dates by toggling the date bottom on top and hitting GO.  When looking in the Resource Appt Tab, you can click on the 5/7 day to bring in more data.


3.       To schedule an appt, There are 2 ways to schedule appts, IN PROGRESS and INTEGRATIVE BOOKING. The INTEGRATIVE BOOKING is useful when overbooking, the IN PROGRESS view allows you to see the pt’s other active appts.

a.       First select a patient from top tab, then pick the proper Dept {For Residents in AIM Use IMR (Internal Medicine/Res) and for Attendings use Med (internal medicine)}. The LOCation is Vanderbilt Clinic, type in MD’s last name for resource. Then pull down ACTIVITY for a resident/new pt (IMRNWP) or resident follow up visit (IMRFUV). Hit FIND, and this should pull up all available appts.  If the available appts are too far, go to the bottom of the page, and click the INCLUDE WARNING box, and then FIND NEW. Doing so will now pull up the 2 overbook slots provided to “Superschedulers”.

b.       Click to highlight the appt that you prefer, then hit SELECT, and then SAVE.    be sure to also click  to complete the transaction. You will get a warning box also when overbooking.

c.       When you are not going to be in clinic for a while, but need someone to advance care for you. You can also search for any open appts within the Clinic by clicking on the box.



4.       To track your arrivals during clinic or figure out who booked the appt –pull up your schedule in the “1 DAY RESOURCE BOOK”. Once a patient arrives, a grey stick figure will show up next to their name and the arrival time. You may need to hit “GO” often to refresh the arrivals. Of note, most of you s Eclipsys. To find more details on who booked the appts, and what date it was booked originally, click on the time slot of the pt’s appt on the L column to pull up Appointment Detail. Then hit AUDIT. This will show you the code of the person who scheduled, arrived, or discharged the pt. (To ensure scheduling accountability, our administrators have a listing of staff and Soarian code).


5.       To cancel an appt: Select the patient, click on the PATIENT APPOINTMENT button, a list will appear. Check the box next to the appt you wish to cancel. Click the cancel button You can also cancel the pt in the 1 DAY RESOURCE tab, just click on the patient’s name and hit the cancel button.


6.       To look up a pt’s future, past appts, show rate, Go to PT APPT tab and back date the calendar on top to pull up past appts, here you can view several types of appts, cancelled, scheduled, etc... There is now also a no show in the past 6 month percentage which is the small red figure with a show/scheduled fraction ratio right next to the name on top.  .


7.       Since all the AIM MDs have been given higher access capabilities, overbooking/and access to other service’s schedules. Please remember the Gold Rule, always communicate with colleagues before overbooking them.