AIM Diabetes Care Resources




Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes: Synopsis of the 2016 American Diabetes Association Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes


At a glance view from NDEI 


·         Patient hand outs and web info in English and Spanish

1.     From the ADA –encourage your pts to access the website and sign up for

1.     My Food Advisor (for recipes, nutrition advice, meal planning)

2.     Food and fitness

3.     Video and Info on glucose control and glucometer use

4.     A1c explanation in text and in audio

5.     Diabetes in my Community (Spanish text and audio)

2.     NDEP pt education in Spanish

3.     Low Health Literacy DM Handouts from Clinicians for the Underserve (eng/spanish)

4.     from the  (click upper R hand for Spanish)

1.     Diabetes overview             Spanish

2.     DM Monitoring                   Spanish

3.     DM Nutrition                       Spanish

4.     DM meds                            Spanish

5.     Video on Diabetes

1.     CVS glucose testing

2.     CVS what is diabetes

3.     CVS how to treat type 2 DM

4.     CVS how to give insulin shot

6.     Learning about Diabetes (Spanish, English )



·         How to Prescribe diabetes supplies and supplies assistance

·         Referrals

    1. Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center- has full service multidisciplinary team of physician, nurses/educators, social workers who provides teaching, clinical care, and ongoing support in self management. The referral can be made in Eclipsys. PGY 2 residents will attend lectures and spend time at the NBD Center during OPD block.


    1. AIM DSME (Diabetes Self Management Education) – pts will meet w our diabetes educator and learn self-care skills. A standard curriculum will review important concepts in diabetes care. The referral is in the AIM Diabetes Management and Education Order Set. Use option 2 and 3. 


    1. AIM DM Management Clinicin this clinic a resident/DM nurse/ and attending will collaborate to provide for close follow up, teaching, and medication advancement for a group of high risk diabetes patients.  Patients whose diabetes is not yet controlled should be referred to this clinic.  Referral in AIM Diabetes Management and Education Order set. Option 1 (care advancement team)


    1. Diabetes WIN program-  Through use of community base health care workers, the program serves to provide patients with poorly managed diabetes with culturally appropriate, home-based care, a more intimate assessment and more attention to behavior modification and adherence.  Use “onsite order” AIM WIN for diabetes care coordination order.