AIM Training Video

Videos are password protected, the password is in Clinic EMR Orientation Guide 2015 (uploaded to Medhub and NYPMED).

Highlighted videos should be reviewed before starting clinic.

Feel free to contribute your own training video, or suggest video ideas, please be sure to use test pts only


Checking your labs


Note Writing and Document Management

How to write a clinic note (new June 14, 2015)  11 min


Obtaining Cosignature and finalizing notes after visit (June 14, 2015) 3 min



New ICD 10 problem list function

ICDx problem list tool is a more usable home grown health issue entry tool (2 min)


Document Favorite and adding AIM nonscroll notes to favorites


structured health issues-copying favorites from others (june 25, 2015)


EzVac Vaccination Program


how to set your document review preference so all documents shows


(for PFA) front desk staff only-on how to write an appt scheduling note





Clinic discharge orders (understanding PENDING RETURN and STANDARD)  (June 14, 2015)


how to look for old orders in different charts


RxWriter and Eprescribing


Prescribing with Rx writer  (June 14, 2015)


Printing Medication list and new Visit summary report  (June 2015 version)

Inbox lab checks and Secure Health Messaging


how to work w your inbox  (6min)


sending and receiving SHM (11 minutes)


Vacation SHM auto reply

4 ways to send a SHM



ICD 9 to 10 transition, automapping tool

Allscript Preferred Mapping (60 sec  video)    


how to fix your inbox if it freezes

personalizing your tool bar

Patient List Column Adjustment


Video to clean up location from discharged pts (this video also addresses the 240 and 214 location swap)