Ordering Medical Supplies


You can order medical supplies by writing out a standard prescription with your fax number and giving it to your patients.


The minimum required information that must be included on that prescription include

1. name, address, phone/fax of ordering MD, NPI/license number

2. name of patient

3. original signature of the physician

4. name of the items ordered, quantity, number of refills, the date ordered, and directions if needed.

5. brief medical justification for the items being ordered.

6. If ordering wheelchair, walkers, beds, please provide wt ht of pt

7. If ordering incontinence supplies – for Medicaid pts click this link to find appropriate ICD 10 coding


Once a local pharmacy or supply company receive the prescription, they will mail you a more official order form or medical justification form to sign.  If the supply is appropriate, please sign these as soon as you can.  

Below are listed some local companies frequently used by our pts in AIM. Some of these companies also provide home respiratory therapist care who can provide home respiratory assessment.  Also don’t forget about “wheel chair clinic” upstairs on VC 3 for helpful wheel chair needs assessments for your patients.

EastSide Orthotics and Prosthetics (on-site VC 3rd Floor right upstairs)

212-305-3375 has orthotics, prosthetics, mobility supplies.


Landauer Metropolian Home Care Supply

One Bradford Road, Mount Vernon, NY 10553 phone 1 800 631 3031

Byram  1 877 902 9726