Nursing Resources in AIM        office spirometry is now available in AIM

1.  Patient Education Classes:

  1. Diabetes Teaching and Management - Coordinated by Evelyn Thompson,RN
  2. Hypertension Classes -Elizabeth Dubi, RN.  Please fill out regular consultation form with clinic card imprint.  Include referral date, referring MD, beeper number, pt's primary language, pt's home phone, and current medications.
  3. Asthma Classes- Please send patient with a regular consultation form to Delilah Hanyon, RN.  topics covered include: medication technique and compliance, asthma triggers, peak flow use.

2. Individual Patient Counseling:

  1. Discharge Review of Medication and instruction (please order this service on progress note, put a red sticker on for the nurse to flag order)
  2. Teaching or review of inhaler, spacers, peak flows use (please order this service on your progress note, you may also prescribe spacers and peak flow meters on your progress note). CPE/DME codes are A4614 for peak flow meter, and Z2638 for spacer.. 
  3. Teach the use of home glucometers and home BP machines (fill out consultation form)
  4. Teaching of the use of bowel preps for endoscopic procedures (please fill out a consultation form)
  5. Teaching the collection of stool samples or 24 hr. urine collection
  6. teaching self injections of medications (i.e. insulin, Enbrel, Lovenox, Epo)

3. All Immunizations, injections, medication administration in AIM.  See here for available meds and vaccines.

4. Procedures: Foley Catheter insertion, straight cath, tracheostomy/oropharyngeal suctioning, dressing changes, ACE bandage application, ear wax removal with syringe irrigation (not with new device)

5. PPD- application/reading/follow up of positive results

6. Triage of Walk in patients -a brief history, assessment, vitals

7. phone triage from patients with medical complaints. RN will help facilitate non-urgent messages from patents to resident physicians (by beeper and email). When residents are not available by either measures, the clinic PIC will help with any medical decisions.

8. Lab Review

9. Blood draws/EKG- primarily performed by medical assistants