Adult Preventive Guidelines





·         CDC Adult Vaccination Summary Table                          


·         AIM”s Screening Recommendation Chart  (Thank you Drs. Maria Hamm, Lydia Gedmintas, Reshad Garan) – This easily accessible “at a glance” chart is based mostly on USPSTF recommendations. This guide is constructed with the intention of helping busy providers easily remember recall age based adult screening recommendations.    For more detailed discussion of the evidence supporting the recommendations, please refer to the USPSTF site below. 


·         USPSTF Screening Recommendations This Guideline highlights current recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. These evidence-based recommendations for clinicians address preventive services, which include screening tests, counseling, and preventive medications for adults and children in the primary care setting. The best way to use the guideline is to use the interactive screening calculator. Also see AIM Clinic’s one-page USPSTF summary Thank you to Dr. Gowda for reformatting and providing this concise and practical 1-page overview. 







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