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The ambulatory block rotation provides a setting where housestaff has a continuous 1 month long experience in the outpatient setting. The block activities includes continuity clinics, didactic experiences, as well as a variety of assignments in specialty or subspecialty settings.  Residents will use to block to review the quality of clinical care in their own patient panels. Senior residents will participate in additional teaching and quality improvement activitese.    

Goals and Objectives

The main goal of the outpatient clinic experience is to teach residents the comprehensive and continuous care of ambulatory patients, focusing on the management of acute and chronic problems in a diverse population. The care of the "whole patient" will be emphasized, paying special attention to concurrent psychosocial issues, and includes the teaching of cultural awareness, quality improvement, office practice, and addiction medicine. During the experience, residents will learn and apply the principles of evidence-based medicine, enabling housestaff to make rational and effective clinical decisions for their patients. Principles of health promotion and disease prevention and screening will also be a major component of the curriculum.


·            Residents will demonstrate willingness to continuous improve and assess their ambulatory knowledge base and clinical practice

·            Residents will review the principles of epidemiology, pathophysiology, therapeutics, and prevention in the management a diverse set of illnesses

·            Residents will demonstrate an understanding of, and a willingness to help improve quality of care and access to appropriate resources for our patients