General:  Please show up on time for clinic AM clinic starts 9am - PM starts 1pm* 




General:  Please show up on time for clinic, at 9AM or 1PM  

1.    GM1, GM2 - no clinic

2.     Cardiology:

            a.    PGY 1: AM + PM clinic (full day) on pre-call Monday

            b.    PGY-3: PM clinic (half days) on pre-call Wednesday and pre-call Friday

2.    Oncology:

            a.    PGY 1 Malig Heme: No clinic

            b     PGY2 ONC: No clinic

            c.    PGY 2 Malig Heme: No clinic

3.    ID:

            a.    PGY-1: post-call Tuesday-Thursday

b.    PGY2:  Continuity clinic on Wednesday afternoon and Monday morning of discharge clinic week.

            c.    Discharge Clinic- 4 days during block, separate schedule.

4.   Senior Medicine: AM + PM (full day) on precall Tuesdays & Thursdays

5.   Allen Wards:  No clinic for residents.  2pm start Mon-Thurs pre-call day for interns.  

6.   CCU:  Mon-Wed pre-call for PGY2, Thu-Friday pre-call PGY1.

7.   MICU: Mon-Wed pre-call for PGY2, Thu-Friday pre-call PGY1.

8.   AICU:  One morning per week for each AIM senior in AICU Tue or Wed; one full day either Tue or Wed for each ACN senior, Mon-Wed 2pm start for pre-call interns.

9.   Medicine Consult: Wed morning clinic on Medicine Consult, Thursday morning clinic on pre-op.

10. OPD:  OPD Block Schedule will be mailed to you 1 week before block. Feel free to email Dr. Chang or Mackey if you need advanced copies.

11. Geriatrics/CRC:  Monday and Friday 2pm start, see rotation schedule.

12. Senior/Junior electives:  - E1**- Two continuity clinics/week*.  Jeopardy – One clinic/wk for PGY3 –Two clinics/wk for PGY2. Please check AMION or Soarian for your scheduled dates. **on E1, rarely AIM residents may be scheduled for a walkin clinic instead of a continuity session.

13.   Elective PGY 1:  Two continuity clinics/week (check AMION and Soarian)

14.   Neurology:  no clinic during Neuro ward week. Clinic Thursday AM during selective week.

15. ER: One full day (AM +PM) clinic session per rotation, a Tuesday for PGY2’s and a Friday for PGY3s.

16. Teaching Senior – Tues afternoons, 2pm start


*Rising Chief Residents will have one clinic/wk on E1.

**on E1, rarely AIM residents may be scheduled for a walkin clinic instead of a continuity session.



 Clinic Cancellations Policy:


To ensure our patients’ continuity and quality of care, your best efforts should be made to avoid unnecessary or last minute clinic cancellations. Cancellations of any outpatient clinics or conferences must be approved in advance by the Chief Residents and/or Dr. Maria DeMiguel. The clinic program is not authorize to give additional days off beyond what you receive from the hospital, days off requests need to first go through Dr. Tenenbaum and the Chiefs. Depending on the reasons for cancellations, you may be asked to make up additional clinic time.


If you do need to cancel a session, please alert us as soon as possible to avoid impact on your pts’ care;



  1. Predictable cancellations- (example: away E2 electives, ACLS/BCLS training, Boards part III, routine physician appointments, jury duty, conferences, planned “special” events). Aim to communicate this request to us at least 2 months in advance.  Email instruction below.
  2. Unpredictable cancellations- (example: last minute fellowship/interviews, last minute jury duty notices, personal/family illness) these must be communicated as soon as you are aware of the dates.  
  3. Cancellations during the OPD blocks need to be approved in advance by Dr. Maria DeMiguel or Monica Suarez. Coverage will be required for cancelled AIM walk-in clinics (coverage will be required for last minute Preop cancellation).
  4. Clinics will not be canceled or altered to accommodate personally arranged schedule swaps and coverage.
  5. Fellowship/job Interviews –Please Email us as soon as soon as you confirm these interview dates. Each request need to be submitted with the Fellowship Program’s name. Depending on the number of sessions/pts cancelled, we may ask you to provide alternate clinic dates to ensure patient care do not get compromised.   During OPD blocks, coverage will be required for any assigned walk-in clinics or scheduled preops. To help you plan your interview dates, feel free to email Dr. DeMiguel for an advance copy of the OPD block schedules.


AIM Clinic cancellation emails should be addressed to all 3 of the following: Edna Sanchez, chief residents, and Dr. DeMiguel.


ACNC residents must copy chiefs and Dr. Suarez.