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Be Proactive, Professional, and Effective

* Check your clinic date schedules
    - Verify dates and time of your continuity clinics.
    - Do you know which days are "short clinic" (2pm-5pm) and which are not?

*Check your patient scheduled-

How many patients are scheduled. Anticipate your needs, (i.e. call the interpretors early)? Do you want to discuss any case with the PIC beforehand.


*Pass the Beeper

Ask your co-residents to help carry the beeper to provide you with some sanity in clinic


*Take the team approach. 

You are not alone in clinic, get to know the names of your staff and how they can help. .Think about using your FIRM or other practice partners to follow up your patients (check test results, advance BP mgmt, see discharges) when you are not available.


*Alert your PICs early if you're having trouble or running late

PICs can assist by helping to focus and limit your patient encounters and case discussions.  PICs also can help with redistribute overflow patients to less busy practitioners.


*Manage your patient care time in clinic 

Save time consuming tasks (like filling out forms or calling consults) for another time. You can always mail completed forms back to patients.


*Be responsible, professional, and always put patient care first.

Arrive on-time. Learn about your patients' lives, and understand their needs. Never send a patient away unseen without speaking to the PIC (even if the patient arrives late).

Be Organized, Efficient, and Ensure Patient Safety

o        Learn that comprehensive care does not need to be delivered at each visit. The care of ambulatory patients is an ongoing process. When patients are closely followed, there is no need to do a complete H&P with every visit, at times just a BP check may suffice for the exam. At the start of the busy day, think about what one or two things you want to accomplish that visit for each patient. 

o        Use patient profile flowsheets (or electronic notes) to organize problem list and health maintenance tasks.

o        Keep your clinic patients on your own WEBCIS “outpatient” list, use this list to track labs.

o        Check and clean out your clinic mailbox in VC2-205 at least once every 2  weeks.  Check your labs and your SHM inbox regularly.

Be Constructive
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