Overview of other AIM Clinic Services

AIM Anti-Coagulation Clinic and Inpatient/Outpatient Transitions

The AIM anticoagulation clinic provide care to  approximately 10 patients per week who are newly placed on coumadin in the hospital. We have an additional 3-5 patients/week at the AIM anticoagulation clinic who are hospitalized for various reasons and discharged back to the anticoagulation clinic. The clinic meets every day.


The following are a list of recommendations from our nurses in the anticoagulation clinic that will help to ensure the safety and improve the care of our patients on coumadin.


1. All patients newly placed on coumadin should be seen in anticoagulation clinic within 72 hours of discharge. We will accommodate these visits.


2. There is an anticoagulation referral in the document (not referral) section of Eclipsys titled" AIM ANTICOAGULATION REFERRAL". This provides the indication for anticoagulation, the duration, and the target INR, and is essential for the nurses managing the anticoagulation process. This referral should be completed prior to paging the covering NP (Mon- FRI 9 AM-5PM) at 8-3717. The NP will review the document and give the referring doctor an appointment quickly.


3. Patients who are on coumadin prior to their hospital stay should be discharged on the same mg tablet that they were on prior to their hospitalization (when possible). This may require making adjustments by utilizing  1/2  or multiple tabs of the same mg . We see many  patients who are discharged on various mg tablets at different hospitalizations and the confusion results in INR out of range and risk to the patients.


4. Patients who have an outside physician will only be seen for 1-2  courtesy visits. This does not apply if the patient has a cardiologist or other provider in the ACN or at the CUMC campus. We also  follow HIV and transplant patients. If the patients with outside providers want to be followed at the AIM anticoagulation clinic, they will need to see a provider at AIM.


5. Please send the patient  home with a telephone number for the AIM clinic Anticoagulation Clinic 212-305-6354.

AIM Diabetes Follow Up Clinic (click for info)

AIM Diabetes Podiatry Clinic For evaluation, education, and management of diabetic patients at risk for foot complications.

AIM GYN and PAP Clinic   The Pap clinics are staffed by nurse practitioners, routine screening is performed in this clinic. On Fridays, Dr. Kelly a gynecologist is on site, she evaluates pts who need a more extensive gynecological evaluation.   

AIM Pre-Op Evaluation Clinic Surgical services will refer preoperative patient for a preop medical evaluation (It is not a clearance! that is a misnomer).  Patients who are new to AIM, or whose AIM PMD is temporarily unavailable, will be seen in Pre-Op clinic.  This consultative clinic also sees pts who are referred with primary providers outside of the NYP system. Clinic takes place on Monday and Friday mornings room 240.  

AIM Walk-In Clinic Patients presenting with clinically urgent problems, whose regular primary doctors are unavailable, will be seen in the walk-in clinic.  They will receive a focused evaluation and management, and be returned to regular f/u with their PCP.  The walk-in visit note should always be SHM to the PCP.  Please communicate urgent questions./lab follow up or other issues by page or email.