CUMC Referrals and Other Information


For patients with Medicaid or managed care plans, make sure that the referrals site accepts your patients' plan before proceeding.

If the patient needs to see the consult urgently and your clerk is unable to schedule a timely appointment, please page the consult physician on that particular service to facilitate a quick out-patient work up.


Clinic patient representatives (PFA) will call to schedule appointments for all hospital based clinics and testing.  On your d/c Eclipsys Order check off or enter free text what consults or test you are ordering. On the consult free text box, provide a brief Pmhx and your consultative question for the specialist.


ACNC 158th St. Farrel Clinic- Home of Family Medicine Residency:  212-544-1860
ACNC 181 St. Clinic Washington Height Family Center (IM, Peds, GYN): 342-3062

Adolescent Clinic/Pediatrics: 21 Audubon Ave. 342-3200 (see also Young Adult Clinic below)

AIM Clinic: Numbers:

            Admin Office: x5-6262

            Aim Call Center: x5-6354

            AIM fax: x5-6279

            AIM East: 851-5350   AE PIC room: 851-5359

            PIC room (231): x5-7298

            PIC room (214): x5-7288

            Conference room (205): x 5-7843 AIM  VC220 Conference Room x 5-4335

Allergy Clinic: AIM Allergy clinic (Dr. Donohue) can be ordered on Ecipsys, there is also Allergy Clinic VC3, x5-6350/x5-5187, Thurs PM, Allergy Consult beeper 9146

ALS/Muscular Dystrophy/MDA: 5-1319
Ambulatory BP Monitoring (ABPM):
order is in allscript, 342-1273 - coordinated by the PH 9-300 Center USPSTF now recommends ABPM or HBPM for patients with elevated clinic BP but no hypertension diagnosis who don't have evidence of established cardiovascular disease. Patients with LVH on the EKG or fundoscopic changes (AV nicking) clearly have established hypertension. Medicare and Medicaid reimburse for indication R03.0 ("elevated BP reading without diagnosis hypertension”).  Reports will be in Crown or fax’d to you.

Angio (interventional radiology): x5-5123

Anticoagulation Clinic: AIM clinic, click here for referral instructions

Anticoagulation Clinic Bronx Lebanon 12th fl.718-518-5222

Anxiety Disorder: (PI research/free) clinic 543-5367 (bilingual)
Arthritis Clinic: AIM East, extension x5-6354, Eclipsys referral. The clinic meets on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. 

APEX Laboratory (Home lab service used by VNS): To check results call 631-753-3900, fax 631-753-3910. You can even order and lab via the web -check out apex laboratory at for email, or website you can sign up via web and then check results by phone.
Asthma Clinic: PH Building 8Center, meets Monday-Thursday PM. phone x5-0631, Eclipsys referral
Audiology: Speech and Hearing x5-2961 (Eclipsys order)

Bariatric Surgery (see under “Obesity” below)
Blood bank: to arrange outpatient transfusion (click here) x5-4690/x5-2673

Blood Pressure, ambulatory- see ambulatory blood pressure monitoring above
Bone densitometry (DEXA):  x5-2789 - use the Eclipsys Bone Density test (ICD code menu attached, for screening use postmenopausal status)  E 68th Street Bone Density: 326-8512.
Brace Shop:   VC3, can write orders on prescriptions
Rolando Feliciano, 601 W 168th Street suite #24, 212 305 3275
Breast Clinic (ca only)- 305 0983 Wed afternoon Atchley 10th floor

Breast Cancer Chemoprevention    -brochure     x5-5098 for a breast specialist

Breast Cancer Genetics program (212) 305-6731 for genetic counseling

Breast Cancer Patient Navigator Program: Breast Oncology scheduling line x5-5098

For patient navigators to assist at risk patients who are newly diagnosed with breast CA. Ms. Saldana 5-9894, Ms. Singleton 2 0297

Breast Surgery: 1-866-463-2778, for malignant or benign breast dz.

Buprenorphine Treatment Centers
Cancer Screening for Free:
851-4516. Free mammo, pap, FOBT, colonoscopy. Also for free chest CT (see spiromics flyer in PIC room). Also nearby there is Ralph Lauren Cancer Center 1919 Madison Avenue (Entrance on 124th Street) (212) 987-1777 with also several free programs

Cardiac event monitor see holter
Cardiology Clinic: AIM East Please refer to the 2009 Cardiology Referral Guide

               Lipid Clinic: x5-7666, Center for Atherosclerosis, Harkness Pavilion 9th fl.  Clinics meet weekday mornings, need consult outpt. form

               CHF Center: Meets in Milstein 5GN 59268, they will need a special referral form, these are available with the pt. reps. consult team beeper CHFT
               Syncope Center

Cardiopulmonary Stress Test: x5-0483, or fax  (x2-1855) a regular prescription that says "cardiopulmonary stress test with or without O2"

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation: x5-4695 VC 3 For interactive NYPH PT referral form (the program can call the pt for you to schedule appt).  Click here for detailed educational and informative provider information. The program consists of exercise, education, and support using telemetry and blood pressure monitoring 3X/week, for a 12 week program.   Click here for patient info sheet (provider and patient educational info sheet courtesy of Dr. K Kyanko)

Cath Lab: scheduling x5-0676 (they will fax booking sheet) report 5-2996
Cardiac Stress Test/MUGA: x5-5996, use special Eclipsys CV testing order form

Cardiac-thoracic Clinic: Outpatients requiring consultation with a thoracic surgeon should be referred to the thoracic surgery office.  You need to contact the CT houseofficer (PGY III) to schedule a new clinic patient appointment.  CT consult beeper 1506 CT hospital or ER discharges, can be seen in the Chest Surgery Clinic VC 10, x5-6390.

Carotid Dopplers: x5-9875 (Echo lab on Milstein 2); use Eclipsys requisition
Case Management:    NYP nursing case managers help to work with a vulnerable and high risk population.  Please send SHM w Dx and reasons for referral/perception of barrier of care to Cynthia Martinez-Feliz and Susan Ellis. The cases will be screened and distributed to case managers in each module. They  will communicate w you by SHM

  (External Case Management Community Healthcare Network Health Home 212 360 8099- they can help w linkage to care, appt reminder, treatment adherence, entitlement assistance, housing, TB testing and follow up, discharge planning, dental care/vision care, legal service, mental health/counseling, family therapy, substance use treatment, harm reduction, support group)

 Chest Clinic: see Pulmonary clinic, x5-6390, 1-866-463-2778 (pg pulm consult for rapid appt),   VC 10th floor. Refer breathing problems, COPD, asthma. There is a new ILD program, speak to Dr. Patel at x2-6924/b85900 for referrals. (PPD+ patients can go to NYC DOH chest clinics, see TB below).

Chronic Kidney Disease Program (see under “Renal” below)
Colonoscopy: Referral is online in the AIM Common order set  “Direct Colonoscopy Referral”, be sure to hand the pt a Rx for Prep. The on-site colonoscopy navigators in VC2 will teach them how to prepare for the colonoscopy.  *For patients without insurance, see Cancer Screening for Free (see above) x5-0163

Colorgard for home testing kit ordering, click bottom for PDF (covered by some Medicaid plans)

Colposcopy: x5-1195 161 Ft. Washington 8th Floor. fax at 212-305-0496.
Contraception/Family Planning: see GYN clinics

CT ordering recommendations from the Dept of Radiology (emailed June 2011)


Dental clinic: x5-6726 now with open access, walk-ins taken M-F, patient do not need referrals, they can go straight to VC 7; for patients with valvular disease or anticoagulation use, please sent a brief note with the patient, specifying their need for prophylactic antibiotics or need for d/c anticoagulation before dental procedures
Dementia Alzheimer Center- P: 212-305-2316 F: 212-305-2526 , can email referrals to

Dermatology clinic:  Atchley Pavilion 12th Fl. phone x5-0505, Eclipsys consult form. Urgent referrals page DERM OUTPT consult beeper 81704 (make sure you have patients’ phone number)

If wait here is unacceptably long, consider these 2 Derm practices

To refer to these clinics below, type Derm consult and reason/ICD10 on a Rx so patients can call for appt.  

Vangard Dermtology 311 audubon 2nd fl 212 398 7822 (they will fax back referrals)

Dermatology Associates (St lukes/ Mt Sinai) 212-523-4410, address 440 West 114th street   See ACN IM Rx favorite list to see preprinted referral, just add ICD10. Takes Affinity and Health First

Advanced Dermatology  211 Central Park West (corner 81st) Suite #1D 1st floor of Beresford NY 212-601-9400 fax 787 3077 Does not take Health First as of 2016. Be sure to provide your fax # on referral ask specifically ask to receive consult fax’d report back    (evening weekend hrs/same day or urgent access if requested MD needs to call, dermatologist also available by phone for questions)  See ACN IM Rx favorite list to see preprinted referral, just add ICD10

Dermatology Associates (st lukes) 1090 Amsterdam Ave (113-114 st) 212-523 -5898 (fax 523-5027)   See ACN IM Rx favorite list to see preprinted referral, just add ICD10

Diabetes Prevention Program (YMCA sponsored) covered currently only by commercial insurances, but sliding scale is available for low income participants thru YMCA program.   fax referral form  (to be completed by provider, and signed by pt)         Info sheet
Diabetes Mellitus Resources in AIM:

Discover Program- 342 4622 or thru website email
DOH NYS- disease reporting info- how to provide reports of potential outbreaks (diseases, events, conditions) to NY DOH  1 866-


Domestic Violence Victim Services: Social Worker phone x5-9060, see DV page for local resources
Driver certification Exam – NYS now requires taxi drivers to have a medical exam, there is a brief form that requires your signature. 

This exam differs from the federal commercial driver certified exam, for that pt needs to go to credentialed sites

Echocardiogram: x5-9875
EGD usually obtained thru a formal GI appt, for rapid EGD you can page the GI consult

EEG Lab: Neurological Institute Rm. 13-1302, extension x7-2121
EKGs : EKGs can be ordered by stat or routine on Eclipsys. A copy will be returned to you once done, please review and let the MA know if it is okay for the pt to go home.
EMG testing: NI 13-1302, x5-1329 EMGs are infrequently ordered by PCP, it’s not a test to order blindly and in many cases it may be best obtained after an evaluation with neurology to ensure the right test is performed.  Most insurance require EMG prior authorizations, they often need to see  a copy of your note to understand why the  test is performed. (When getting a PA it’s best to obtain PA for 5 CPT codes to ensure flexibility for the EMG team –codes are 958.85 958.85, 958.87 959.11 959.12

EMS NYPH: x5-9999
Endocrine clinic: AIM East Eclipsys referral form, be sure you know which clinic (endocrine vs. thyroid) you are referring to. For rapid referral, call Endo consult (beeper ENDR)
               General Endocrine: AIM 2-240, extension x6-8025/x6-6355. Clinic meets Tuesday afternoons
               Diabetes you may refer to NBDM or AIM DM teaching and management
               ThyroidHerbert Irving Building, a joint clinic with endocrine surgery team (see below)

English As Second Language Class: ESL program for community residents 854-7007
ENT Clinic: 305-6390 Meets Mon, Tue, Thu, Friday PM. VC10   for rapid appt beeper ENTS, Eclipsys referral. Dr. Steckowych the clinic director has a private practice that takes medicare pts 932-4474.  Refer any problems relating to ENT (eg: hearing loss, tonsillitis, sinusitis, vertigo, hoarseness)
Epilepsy Clinic:  5-1742

ER Triage RN: x5-6355

Fall Prevention Program (see the SAFE program below at the Allen Pavilion)

Family planning Clinic: Comprehensive reproductive health service/including pap, STD testing. 21 Audubon 342-3232 also see GYN clinic

Fertility Evaluation see GYN endocrinology below

Food Stamps/WIC: The WIC program x5-2044. Other city resources (pantry, soup kitches)
Foot Clinic: Fill out outpatient consult form. The AIM podiatry clinic only sees diabetic patients.  For general podiatry referral, you may refer patients to Farrell Clinic (ACNC) 158th and Riverside, patients need to call 939-6000 for appt.



GED Program: Columbia Community Impact 854-9622

Geriatric Fall Prevention Program: The SAFE (Syncope and Falls in the Elderly) Program 212-932-FALL (3255)
Genetics Clinic (also see Discover program above):  305-6731

GI Clinics:  complete NYPH consult referral, and scheduled by front desk staff.
               General GI Clinic: Thu afternoon, AIM East
               Liver Clinic: Wed AM, AIM east

               GI Nutrition: beeper NUTR  

Gout/Rheumatology Faculty Practice HIP 2:  5-4308 Pts w acutely swollen joints can be seen w/in 48 hrs/Chronic Gout Assessment
GU see 

Gynecology/OB clinics: GYN consult 86203
               Audobon  Gynecology Clinic: 342-3220, 21 Audubon Ave (Across the street)

Audubon GYN endocrinology: sees pt for infertility, recurrent pregnancy losses, hirsutism, hyperprolactinemia and other reproductive hormonal problems including amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea. Tel 342-4732 Triage RN Ms. Ritch (clinic generally evaluate pts under the age of 45 for fertility. Both partners need to be physically present at the evaluation. Medicaid does not cover fertility treatment however clinic accept NYP reduced fee program

Audubon Family Planning Clinic: 21 Audubon 342-3232 (44 and under, has walk-in hrs for pregnancy test). Page the family planning fellow for more urgent issues

               Broadway Practice: 304-6921 (near Dyckman)

        Colposcopy Clinic: Atchley 8th floor, x5-1195

               Farrel Family Planning Service: (~157 St) 544-1860  Family Planning, IUD/contraception; GYN complaints, Colposcopy, basic

               fertility w/u, pregnancy care

               Oncology GYN- 305-3410

               PAP and GYN Clinic (AIM): VC 2 AIM NPs do routine Pap screening, and Dr. Kelly performs GYN consults 

               Washington Height Family Health Center: (~180t St) 212-342-3061

               Ultrasound: PH 12, x5-5819

Harlem Hospital Medicine Clinic: phone 212-939-8400/939-1000
Hematology clinic: Tuesday PM, Friday AM, Atchley Garden Leve x50983, consult BLOD 2503. For Atchley MD office referral call 5-5098

Hemotherapy: referral for blood products
HIV/ID Clinic: Harkness 6, extension x5-3174. Provides primary care for HIV+ pts.

HIV Testing Service/ HIV PReP Guidance:  To test for acute HIV order HIV ab/ag AND HIV PCR (do not use inpt PCR, use “HIV order (infrequently used)” as it’s a different send out.  CDC HIV pre or post exposure prophylaxis  and infographic summary  - contact PrEP coordinator/Clinic NYP HIV prevention warmline at 917 580 1682.  They have a site on VC-4 where they can have same day visits with patients at risk. 

 Holter Lab: x5-6423 to order cardiac event monitor (longer than usual 24 hr holter) use EMR order “cardiac event recorders, "Ecg monitor/event recorder” can specify how long you want the monitor for
Home Care Physicians: for home bound patients

               Doctors on call private company with attendings and NPs who visit home bound patients they take most insurances and are available to discuss cases over phone 1 718-238-2100

               Mt. Sinai Visiting Doctors Program: 212-241-4141 (takes medicare and medicaid)

               SPOP comprehensive psych program including home visits for older adults in Spanish Harlem/Upper East side

                               Home Podiatrist: Helene Cagan, DPM 212-369-1180/ 7178-584-7163

Home Lab Service: for home bound elderly: You can send technicians to home to draw blood. APEX laboratory (same lab service used by VNS) to check results call 631-753-3900, fax 631-753-3910. You can even order and lab via the web -check out apex laboratory at for email, or website you can sign up via web and then check results by phone.

Hospices and Palliative Care Programs: Links here to home and hospital based programs.

Huntington Disease Center: Link here. 5-9172

ID Consult: Odd 6337, Even 3867. Harkness 6, extension 5-3174.

Infusion Center: HIP 14, they can do outpt transfusion (see below) as well as admin meds like epo. Order by using Infonet Clinicall application physician portal fntn, place a request there then call 5-8225 to schedule an appt.

Interpretor –sign language 5 9607 (they are not on-site and need to be called in)

Interstitial Lung Disease Clinic (chest clinic): directed by Dr. N Patel, call Dr. Patel to speak about referrals x2-6924/b8-5900

Interventional Rads: x 5-5123 consult 8CAVE also 82282 when scheduling outpt procedures you can call to get a fax referral (version 3/15) for outpt referrals, generally it’s safest to call them the week after to make sure they did  get in touch w pt. 


Lab (Core Lab): x5-8600 SPEP/UPEP: x5-6556   Lab information Core Lab Lookup Website –tells you what tube to use
Lipid Clinic: x5-9562, Center for Atherosclerosis, Harkness Pavilion 9th fl.  Tue AM
Liver Clinic: Wednesday AM AIM EAST, consult note needed, scheduled by front desk staff.

Liver Transplant center: phone 305 1305

LP Fluoroscopy: x5-7675

Loop Monitor: call Holter lab 56423 they need to fax you a referral form to complete

Lung Volume Reduction Surgery Referrals: x5-1158

Lupus Clinic: AIM E Mon AM x 56354, for pts with established or probable lupus. Hospital discharged can be seen within 10 day, call rheum consult if you have problems getting pts in.



M11Q home care referrals- are referral see link on help w forms

Mammogram at NYP: Eclipsys referral-be sure to distinguish screening mammo vs. diagnostic mammogram when ordering. Common Codes of mammo:  Z12.31 screening mammo, s Z85.2 personal history of breast cancer R92.8 abnl mammogram (for recalls) R92.2 screening usg, R92.8 abnl sonogram.

ICD V76.12 for routine screen, V76.11 for high risk screening, V10.3 personal hx, V16.3 for family history,  use 793.80 for "RECALL" of  abnormal mammo findings, and 611.72 for palpable breast mass.  x5-0160/x5-0162, Fax 342-6849. Allen Pavilion Mammo x4-4161. For uninsured patients please look under "Cancer Screening for Free".  Map to New St. Nicholas Mammography suite.

Mammogram (off site) related to Roosevelt-may have faster access for diagnostic testing Jan 2011 Central Park Women's Imaging  1790 Broadway 9th Floor, New York, NY 10019 212-590-5528  Fax: x5500 

Medicaid Preferred Medication List Program: For Prior Authorizations, call 1-877-309-9493 or by Fax (easier), be sure to have your or your attending’s License # available.  If calling by phone, you will be given a PA number to record on the rx, this step is not necessary if you are getting PA by fax as the PA number is routed automatically to the pharmacy.

Medicaid Enteral Formula Prior Authorization Program: 1- 866-211-1736. For patients taking oral formula, be sure to have weight and height info on hand.  Write the approval # on Rx, this will be active for refills x 6 months (once an approval # is given, it WILL stay active for 6 months, even if the patient does not get monthly refills on time). Each can of the standard enteral formula usually carry 200-300 calories.  NYS/DOH Prior Authorization Work Sheet. To speak to an operator with a questions regarding a specific approval #, call 1-800-342-3005

Medicaid Application Offices nearby-520-530 West 135 Street, New York, NY 10031 (212) 939-0207 600 West 168thStreet, New York, NY 10032 (212-491-1661)

Medical Records “Correspondence for record release 212 305 3270 release form

Medicaid Override Forms

Medical Supply Ordering

Memory Disorder evaluation at the Neuro Institute: 212-305-6939 

Mobile Crisis: crisis intervention for pt and family 342-5797

Movement Disorder Clinic: 5 5558

MRI: E 60th MRI (takes CPP/Medicaid): phone 326-5552.

               -Open MRI Radiology on 11th:, phone 1-866-674-6611 (open MRI)

               -Open MRI Doshi Diagnostics: 4120 Broadway New York, NY 10033, phone 212-543-1800, fax 212-543-2002

                -Open MRI Dove 683-6200

               -Open MRI 212-787-9200, 280 W. 81 St. Send patient with prescription specifying test needed, and include your contact number and mailing address for report.  For urgent report, call 212-879-6200, press 2. (medicare only)

Muscular Dystrophy/ALS/MDA: 5-1319

Naomi Berrie DM Center: multidisciplinary diabetes education and management. 851-5455
Nephrology (see Renal clinic): Mon AM AIM E, 5-6355, consult 87362
Neurology Clinics: Neuro consult bp 8NURO acute stroke 89999
               Neurology VC10 include General Clinic, Headache Clinic, Epilepsy 305 6390 for urgent appointments use NURO consult to discuss case

               Stroke/TIA(urgent access)- 646-426-3876 daily clinics, can see pt and do testing /stroke clinic Thu AM for hospital dc (Neuro Institute)

               Memory Disorders: at the Neuro Institute: 212-305-6939 
               Movement Disorders: Neuro-Institute 3, x7-5558. multidisciplinary clinic with goals of providing comprehensive care to patients who do not have full access to all the benefits of health services. There is subspecialty neurology care, nursing care, psychosocial support, psychiatric consultation, physical therapy, speech therapy, and patient education. 
               Multiple Sclerosis: VC 10, x5-6390, Tue PM
               Muscular Dystrophy: VC5-502, x5-5131

Neurosurgery: x5-6390,  consult 83425.  to refer to faculty practice, click this website for contact info, they usually request to see copies of MRI before giving appt out.

               Spine/Peripheral Clinic: 1st and 3rd Thursday AM.

               Intracranial: 2nd and 4th Thu AM.

Non-invasive flow studies (NIFS): Segmental pressures/ABIs/PVRs for patients with symptoms of peripheral arterial disease can be scheduled through the Echo lab (Located on Milstein 2; 317-4058; use Eclipsys requisition).

For VNS choice pts refer to Cornell w prescription order/w your fax, Cornell Vascular Lab 212 962 3450
Nutrition Clinic: use Eclipsys referral for AIM nutrition clinic
NYPH: general referral line 1800 NYP WELL

Obesity Clinic:

               Bariatric Surgery Options in NY (compiled 2012 updated 7/15)
Occupational Therapy: see Physical Therapy below 
Oncology Clinic:   Atchley Garcden Level, meets Monday, AM PM. For rapid referral call beeper ONCT.  call 5-5098
If the patients has VNS Choice you can refer to St Lukes or Mount Sinai who do take VNS
Ophthalmology Clinic: Use EMR “routine order” for visits like DM annual screening, use non-routine for other more urgent visits (sx, glaucoma) Eye Institute basement, extension 5-6185, consult form needed beeper 1681 (1685 wkd/nights). There is daily walkin hours.  Click on ophtho acronym list to help decipher notes. 

(Dr. Rainer Mittl on 2nd floor of Eye Clinic  305 5030 does walkins and routine screening, he also mails reports back. He takes Healfthfirst, United, Affinity, wellcare, Health Plus, VNS choice, Fidelis HIP) Suite 202 at 635 W 165th stree on fort wash
Oral Surgery Clinic: x5-5690, consult DENT
Orthopedics Clinics: VC3 x5-5187/1-866-463-2778 . For rapid ortho referral call beeper 6169 (fx) or 6168 (non fx)
               Back/spine Clinic: Tuesday AM
               Hand Clinic: Wed PM
               Lower Extremity (Knee/Hip): Thu Pm
               Shoulder Clinic: Friday PM

Orthopedics: For private physician referral: check for listing of all specialists at CPMC
Osteoporosis Clinic: see Endocrine Clinic.
Otolaryngology: see ENT clinic -

Overdose Prevention Program


Pain Clinic: Columbia Pain doctor 51st street (need paper form)  305-7114 
1790 Broadway, New York, NY 10019  also see the new multidisciplinary Columbia Integrative Health Group

Pancreas Center (NYP) –surgery, GI, GI oncology, list of physicians #s.  accepts most insurances including Medicaid
Pacemaker clinic:   extension x5-9940
Pap smear clinic: for screening only. Patients at risk for CIN, or those with hx of CA should be referred to GYN clinic. Use ICD 9 V72.2 or V76 for low risk (medicare only will reimburse for q2yr visits) or V15.89 for high risk (medicare reimburses for yearly - hx of STD, less than 3 paps in the past 7yrs, >5 partners in a lifetime). Medicare will not reimburse for pap exam for patients with TAH.

Palliative Care Consult - 212-305-7340
Patient relations: Milstein first floor, extension x5-5904

Pathology: cytology x5-2360 Surgical Path x5-6719

PET Scans: Phone: 212-342-3665 Fax: 212-342-3745 referral form

PFT Lab: x5-3357  to order a full PFT order 3 things  Basic Spirometry Lung Volumes Diffusing Capacity

Pharmacies that do blister packs/deliveries

PICC line: x5-5929, BP 6081

Plastic Surgery (cosmetic): Weil Cornell Plastic Surgery Clinic 212-746-6230

Plastic Surgery (reconstructive, including hidradenitis suppurativia): CUMC Dept of Plastic Surgery Consultation x5-5868.

Podiatry clinic: VC214, for diabetic patients only, fill out consult referral form. For patients without DM, refer them to Farrell Clinic ACNC clinic 158th & Riverside Dr. Patient can call 212-544-1860 for appt.

Dr. Bar-David, and Dr. Fridman  private insurance 212-355-4229. Takes medicare and  HF and affinity Medicaid.

               Home Visit Podiatrist- Dr. E Nau 212-569-0269, pt need to be home bound.

                                              -Sterling Podiatry (Bronx  Manhattan) takes medicare/Medicaid 347 602 5881 pt need to be home bound.

               Dr. Zayndenberg (189th st and broadway) 212-740-2020
                  Dr. Pierre (190th st and broadway) 718-860-1111

Physical Therapy or OT: our PT clinic prioritizes postop and post-stroke pts, so the wait time can be quite long. To refer to on-site PT please fill out this PT or OT order as they are not accepting electronic order.  For most of our pts with musculoskeletal problems, it may be easier to refer to local community PT sites. Just write a regular Rx (ACN IM Rx favorite list) describe the problem and goal of PT, add ICD 10 code. Give the rx to the pt and ask the front desk staff to give the patient a list of the local community PT/OT sites to choose from.

               -for Cardiac Rehabilitation- see C-Cardiac Rehab (above)

               -for Pulmonary Rehab- see P-Pulmonary Rehab (below)

Poison Control: 764-7667

Podiatry phone 347 602 5881

PPD DOH letter to  employer to explain no need for annual CXR for latent TB patients

Prescription Assistance Programs

PREP (hiv prophlaxis see HIV)
Psychiatry referrals: see psych resources page

Psych ER: x5-8075
Pulmonary/Chest Clinic: x5-6390 (beeper PULM for rapid referral) VC 10th floor. Refer breathing problems, COPD, asthma. There is a new ILD program, speak to Dr. Patel at x2-6924/b85900 for referrals. (PPD+ patients can go to NYC DOH chest clinic. Thoracic surgery call DPO x5-3408).

Pulmonary Rehab: Anyone with a diagnosis of symptomatic pulmonary disease, i.e. emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, bronchiectasis, restrictive lung disease. Indications: PFT, FVC, FEV1<60% normal.  Significant impairment in function.  Exercise session 3 days/week, lecture, support sessions. x5-0890. Fax 342-1855 for more info, for PT/OT referral prescription form, click NYPH Rehab Medicine

Radiology Oncology: 52991

Radiology Outpatient Scheduling: 
Routine X-Rays: x5-9335, for stat films from AIM clinic. Write "WET READ" on XRAY requisition, and send patient to VC1
               DEXA: x5-2789

               Mammo: x5-0226,

               Milstein MRI: x5-0989

               NIF/carotids 5-9875

               GYN USG: x5-5819

               Nuclear: x5-2721

               PET: x5-9670

               USG: x5-9994

Rehab Clinic: VC 3, x5-2247, outpt. consult form needed. Consult BP 2605. This is not physical therapy.  Please only refer patients that you would like a Rehab. MD to evaluate. This is especially useful in situations when the etiology of the patient's disorder or the plan for physical rehabilitation is not clear to you. 
Renal Clinic: AIM E x5-6354 Monday AM, be sure to write consult question clearly on webcis note or referral form. Pt’s previously seen by a renal fellow within the past yr should be booked as a “follow Up”

               Chronic Kidney Disease Center: at 60 Haven Ave, for appts call 212 928 9071 (takes medicare and other commercial ins.)
Rheumatology Clinic: (Arthritis/Lupus clinics)   HIP 2nd floor 305 4308 Wed AM Lupus/ Athritis Tue and Thu PM  . Outpt consult BP: 80760 can help with quicker appts.  For joint injections-  x5-4308
   If you need a more rapid appt than appt desk can give, please email Dr. Laura Geraldino-Pardilla (CU email) who can help expedite.


SAFE (Syncope and Falls in the Elderly) Program: 212-932-FALL (3255) at the Allen Pavilion Geriatric Division. Great place to refer frail patients or those at risk for falls for comprehensive evaluation
Salivary Gland Center: 212-305-9982

Signal Average EKG: see syncope center
Sleep Disorder Study/Clinic: 
(212) 305-7591 fax 212-342-4784  ELECTRONIC ORDER using the “SLEEP CLINIC REFERRAL” order in Allscripts.  . You’ll have to enter the relevant clinical information.  Make sure to check the box for a consultation AND sleep study (see attached).   Patient should leave clinic with a date for their sleep consultation.  

Home Sleep testing -For patients who are not successful being study on site, or need home sleep study consider  (Medicaid taken)

Smoking Cessation: AIM NP smoking cessation clinic can be orderedon Eclipsys

Social Work: see clinical resources page on website

Special Needs Clinic: x5-9099 VC4

Speech and Hearing: x5-2961

Speech and Swallowing: call 212-342-3242 for swallowing studies and speech therapy (Fax  fax referral form  w attending sig

Stroke Clinic 5-1710 takes straight medicare, no medicaid
Substance Abuse: see resource page

Surgery Clinics: through individual HIP practices

Biopsy Service (referral form) provide rapid access for lymphoma eval (only for soft tissue masses, lymph nodes, intraabd biopsies –no I&D (general/ER); lipoma (general), or breast or lung bx(see below)

Breast surgery

Colorectal surgery (colorectal, perianal)


General (lipoma, complex I&D,  



Syncope Center: x5-9466 (for syncope and for tilt table study, signal-average EKG, etc.). Also see The SAFE (Syncope and Falls in the Elderly) Program at the Allen Pavilion: 212-932-FALL (3255)



Tobacco Cessation: see AIM NP smoking cessation

Thoracic Surgery: Consults can be obtained by paging the PGY III -thoracic houseofficer-on-call.

Thyroid Clinic: Herbert Irving Garden Level (basement) 1-866-463-2778 need outpt. consult form. Clinic is combined medicine/surgery. Fri AM.

Tilt Table: see syncope center

Transfusion (outpt): HIP 14 infusion center, use Infonet Clinical Application, physician portal app to enter an infusion order request (place order in allscript) then call 5-8225 to schedule appt

Transportation forms: MAT 2015 NYPH dispatch office is 746-4000, fax is 746-8260

Travel Medicine: Interchurch Services on Riverside Drive 212-870-3053; also Refer to CDC also for more info

Tuberculosis Clinic/Dept. of Health: City TB Clinic 368-4500, 600 168th Street on 3rd floor (next door to us)

Ultrasound: x5-9994

Urgicare: 342-4700, 21 Audubon Ave. Weekday evening and Saturday hours available for urgent but not emergent visits.  Walk-in GYN care is no longer available.

Urology Clinic: Aim East if need something earlier try Dr. Contreras and Valenzuela at Washington Heights Urology 286 Fort Washington Ave 923-7570
Vascular Surgery : provides home wound care service too

FAX: 212-342-6824. Vascular access placement or removal including AV grafts or fistulae, AAA repair, amputations, ulcers, and wound care. Bp 3747. Also refer to Wound healing center below

Vestibular Rehab: at NYU 212-263-8466, fax 212-263-8098 Cornell tel 746-0258, fax 746-1611

Visiting Nurse to Home referral: see link to VNS
VNS choice is an insurance taken frequently in NYP clinic system but many private practice specialist and NYP cardiology testing units do not accept this insurance.  Please check w the AIM supervisor or AIM PFA for updated info on possible referral sites at Mount Sinai/St Lukes/Cornell.



Young Adult Clinic: 21 Audubon Ave 1st Floor (between 166 and 167th St). Appt. 212-342-3232.

               Family Planning: Mon-Thu 8am-4pm.

               Young Adult (Women) Clinic: Tues and Wed 8am-8pm.

               Young Adult (Men) Clinic: Mon-Fri 4:30pm-8pm and Fri 1pm-4pm.

Pregnancy test, STD testing, counseling, school physical, work paper. Pt. must arrive at the start of the clinic session. Age range 13-30.

WIC program: see Food Stamps, VC 3, x5-2044

Wound (Sacral decub): Sacral Decub can be treated at Mount Sinai main campus wound MD 212 241 4410. Vascular leg wounds are treated by CUMC Vascular medicine but not sacral decub.  

Winn for Diabetes and Asthma program – eclipsys order, NYP affiliated community health workers help you do health teaching and outreach.