Housestaff Schedules


Frequently Asked Questions:


1) Who makes these schedules?

The chief residents set up the rotation based day-to-day schedules, you can click on for your assigned clinic days. Patient scheduling is coordinated at each clinic site.  Ms. Christina collado uploads the schedule for the housestaff at the AIM Clinic; her extension is x5-0677, and her e-mail is Dr. Fleck and her staff coordinate the schedule for housestaff at ACNC 180th street; the phone number there is 342-3062.

You may also contact Dr. Steve Mackey for questions regarding the PGY I OPD Block schedule, and Nancy Chang, MD for all other questions relating to the resident ambulatory program. The OPD Block schedules appears here.

All cancellations need to be approved by the Chief Residents AND Dr. Chang.  Please email all request for cancellations to the chief residents. Click here for clinic cancellation policy.


2) How do I fit in a rapid follow-up for a discharged patient, if I am fully booked with new and old patients?

Several mechanisms exist to ensure rapid access of ambulatory follow up for your discharged patients. Ideally the patient discharged should be followed by the hospital team of residents (resident or intern).  If neither can accommodate them, it is possible to schedule the pts with other outpt providers in AIM, a concise and effective dissum must be uploaded at the time of discharge.  So here are your options 

·         you can overbook yourself, each resident schedule has 2 hidden MD accessible overbook slots. These appts can be accessed by phone or by Soarian electronically.

·         You can book the pt with your discharge team residents, or co-intern- to ensure continuity of care from the hospital

·         inform the call center staff to book the pt as a “one time hospital discharge” for rapid f/u, and then book a later appt with your self for continuity of care.   (you can also do this directly in Soarian)


3) How can I check my schedule?

Housestaff schedules are distributed soon after the publication of the Day to Day schedule from the Chief Residents Office.  This will then be entered into the Soarian scheduling system If you have any questions, call Ms. Collado x5-0677. You can check which patients are scheduled by accessing the Soarian system.  (if you are off site you need to sign onto Citrax- then access Soarian)


4) How many patients are scheduled to see me, and what if I get overwhelmed in clinic?

Depending on the year of training and the time of the academic year, our residents can average anywhere from 2-5 pt visits/session. It is not often that residents get overwhelmed with a lot of pts. If and when it happens, please let your clinic preceptor know early if you anticipate problems.  They will help to redistribute patients to less busy providers (residents, NPs, and attendings).


6)  When do I have clinic on the various rotations?

The rules for block and continuity clinic are summarized here.