Prescription Assistance Programs



- Website to help shop around for cheapest Rxs

-Discount Retail Generic Programs

   Kmart Pharmacy (90 days for $15 dollars) store locator

   Target Pharmacy $4 dollar generic Rx program

   Walgreen Pharmacy similar to above (several locations in Bronx and Manhattan)

   Walmart Pharmacy $4 dollar generic Rx Program and store locator

- Big Apple Rx a Rx discount plan for New Yorkers You can print the card out for pts if they doní have a printer at home. This card can help pts access significant discounts on medications.

-Medicare Drug Assistance Programs and Discount Card-offers drug price comparison and discounts on meds.  Patient needs to complete an application to apply. Click on top of the site for info in Spanish and Chinese.

-Information on EPIC - A New York State sponsored drug assistance program for elderly patient. is a website that helps to find programs for people age 55 and over, who may need help in paying for prescription drugs, health care, utilities and other essential items or services. and will search for deals from a variety of online pharmacies. has a discount card backed by 7 drug companies providing discount for Medicare recipients with no drug coverage.


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