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The purpose of Social Work in ambulatory care is threefold:

        to assist individuals/families function when illness or disability result in changes to their

        physical/mental state or social role.

        to prevent social and emotional problems from interfering with physical/mental health or with necessary treatments.

        to identify gaps in community services and facilitate access.


Social work services are provided by appointment (using the standard consultation form). Patients with social work emergencies can be seen on a walk-in basis. The four social workers currently working in AIM West (VC2) are:


Social Work Emergencies-these warrant immediate referral to the social workers: Send to AIM Walk-in Social Worker

- housing emergency: undomiciled or in possession of 72- hour eviction notice

- impaired mental status/suicidal or homicidal ideation

- evidence/suspicion of domestic violence

- evidence/suspicion of elder or child abuse

- inability to pay for/access medications essential to health maintenance also see prescription assistance page

- dangerous home situation (e.g. frail elderly without adequate supervision)

- same-day transportation crisis



Non-urgent referral- a scheduled appointment with the social worker:

- age 80 and above without prior psychosocial assessment

- insurance problems impacting on medical care (e.g. lapsed benefits) Medicaid, Medicare

- difficulty adjusting emotionally to medical condition

- current substance abuse

- financial concerns (e.g. difficulty paying rent, buying food)

- medical condition impacting on ability to travel by public transportation

- request for entitlements (e.g. Public Assistance, Food Stamps)

- poor compliance with appointments or medical treatment

- home care/equipment needs see also- M11Qs

- inadequate housing (e.g. serious overcrowding, violations)

-immigration issues

-job options counseling

-adult education (e.g. ESL, GED)

-need for mental health treatment

- social isolation (assessment for day, recreation, luncheon programs)

Food pantry and Soup kitchens

(many thanks to by Shana Malette RN) is a website that helps to find programs for people age 55 and over, who may need help in paying for prescription drugs, health care, utilities and other essential items or services.