The Specialty and Sub-specialty Experience during the Ambulatory Block

Learn to use the FCIM Curricular Report as a guide to self directed learning!

The Federated Council of Internal Medicine Report (FCIM) is a comprehensive outline of curricular topics, goals and objectives,  in the training of internal medicine residents.  "The task force set out to articulate the competencies that a physician should attain- the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they should possess, and the experiences they should have- before they can be called internists."

It is strongly recommended that each resident take time to read and review the full contents of this curriculum throughout their training career. Given the much experiential nature of medical training, it is a helpful guide to help identify any gaps in individual topic exposures.  For example, one could review the Otolaryngology Section, during the days before being assigned to the ENT clinics. This will help identify one’s knowledge gaps in otolaryngology, and allow residents to individualize their own goals and objectives for the clinical experience of working alongside the specialist the next day. Residents may develop a specific list of questions to bring to clinic the next day. The FCIM guide is very helpful for creating a personalized course for self directed learning on various topics.

(please see the Resident Curricular Guide for more information on the FCIM Guide)

Click on the organ-specific competencies below, to help construct your own personalized sub-specialty/specialty experiences:

  1. Addiction Medicine-Hazelden Physician Training Program

  2. Adolescent Medicine-Adolescent lecture/GYN clinic

  3. Allergy and Immunology - Allergy and Asthma Clinic

  4. Cardiology - Cardiology and Heart Failure Clinics

  5. Dermatology - Dermatology Clinic/Rounds

  6. Endocrinology - Endocrine/NBDM training/Thyroid/Lipid/Osteoporosis Clinics

  7. Gastroenterology and Hepatology - GI/Liver/Liver Transplant/colonoscopy Clinics

  8. Hematology - Hematology Clinic

  9. Nephrology - GU/Renal and Renal Transplant Clinic

  10. Neurology -  Neurology Clinic, Memory Clinic

  11. Oncology - Oncology Clinics

  12. Ophthalmology-  Ophthalmology Clinic               

  13. Otolaryngology Clinic- ENT Clinic

  14. Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - Rehab clinic/Neurology/PT Clinic/Orthopedic Clinic

  15. Psychiatry-Psychosocial Conference

  16. Pulmonary -Chest Clinic, Sleep Clinic, Sleep Lab

  17. Rheumatology- Arthritis, rheumatology Clinics

  18. Women's Health- GYN/Breast/ Osteoporosis Clinics