Ambulatory Education Videos/ and Physical Exam Teaching Sites

· Disease Management/Patient Education

1.   ACP patient education videos – and other videos

1.       HTN and Flu Vaccine- QI Team Turner-lloveras, Camacho, Charles, Narula   

2.       Aprende a vivir- Latin Soap Opera style pt Ed on diabetes from the AHRQ

3.       Patient Ed Video “23  and  1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?”  

4.       UCSF-Osher-Center-for-Integrative-Medicine-presents-Mini-Medical-School-for-the-Public


2.       Asthma Inhaler use videos

a.       Using meter dose inhalers (in addition would emphasize to pt need to clear exhale fully before inspiration of meds; holding breath for 10 counts after inhalation; waiting 1 min between puffs)

b.      Using Discus (Advair like meds)

c.       Using  powder capsule handihaler (Spiriva like meds)

3.      Chronic Pain –

1.      Daniel Clauw –pt teaching on fibromyalgia

2.      Leseley Mosely- on chronic pain


4.      Benign Positional video

a.       The self Epley home exercise (from the

b.      The bedside Epley procedure



· Physical Exam and other Teaching

1)  The Stanford Medicine 25

2)  Geriatric Fall Risk Assessment –from CDC

3)  Loyola University Physical Diagnosis Course

4)  Ophthalmology Exam – from

5)  The Thyroid Exam – from Uniform Services University

6)  Univ. of Wisconsin Family Medicine Program

o  the complete shoulder exam

o  The complete Knee exam

· Procedures

a.       NEJM Video Archive (knee arthroscentesis, pelvic exam, BP, abscess I&D)